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Chairman Message

I welcome you all to the journey of “Rena Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana”, the organistion having preamble of ‘Blending commercial success with social development’ and ‘Ambition of becoming most successful sugar factory’ as its vision.

In India, government policies, both at the Centre and State levels have played a crucial role in the development of the sugar industry. The sugar economy in India, like many other countries, is highly regulated, starting from sugarcane to the end-product sugar. Even the by-products are subject to government control. The main objectives of the national policy are to ensure a fair price to cane growers, adequate returns to industry and a supply of sugar to consumers at reasonable prices. Central Govt. has taken timely decision on various policies considering prevailing situation.

Both area and production of sugarcane fluctuate considerably from year to year. This is due to variations in climatic conditions, the vulnerability of areas cultivated under rainfed conditions, fluctuations in prices of gur and khandsari, and changes in returns from competing crops. Despite this instability, both area and production of sugarcane have increased considerably over the past three decades.

Continuous increase in sugar cane price, harvesting & transportation cost and volatility in sugar price in both world & domestic market, adverse government policies puts sugar industries in challenging position. Decontrol of sugar is a major step, which central govt. has taken in respect of release mechanism, scrapping levy sugar obligation but still cane price fixation linking with sugar price is much awaited issue to survive in competitive business environment.

Finally, my approach, personally, to take ‘Rena Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana’ towards commercial success with social development. Till date, we have taken several initiatives for community development and will keep this forever. Growing with Farmers’ is what the slogan of Rena Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana; we will continue to conduct ourselves on the basis of what the slogan said in all our future dealings.

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